A Company Dedicated To Rebuilding America
Through Community Investments

About Us

Municipal Tax Solutions (MTS) was formed by delinquent property tax industry leaders in order to serve taxing authorities directly. Through the management of hundreds of thousands of delinquent property tax receivables since 1996, we gained a wealth of knowledge on the best practices of property tax collection. We have spent time getting to know the processes of hundreds of tax collection offices around the country. We have seen the best and we have seen the worst.

While our president, Mr. Gale, was also president of the industry association (2012-2013) he was exposed to large municipalities needing assistance with their growing tax collection problems. The industry association is setup to make connections, educate in general, and encourage market activity, but these cities needed direct consulting. The association had nowhere to direct them.

Realizing that our knowledge, procedures, and techniques were needed by taxing authorities, Mr. Gale setup Municipal Tax Solutions. The mission of all of our companies is to Rebuild America Through Community Investments. In the context of MTS, this is done through our commitment to our four pillars of property tax collections.

Our philosophies:

  • We are dedicated to Rebuilding America through community investments.
  • We are here to serve taxing authorities in that capacity.
  • We believe in property rights and the rights to due process.
  • We know that a collection plan with the right policies to create a proper balance of enforcement and compassion will significantly increase portfolio performance.
  • You can protect your constituents’ rights, increase collections, and increase your approval rating simultaneously.
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