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The Four Pillars of Property Tax Collection Critically Support Community Finances:

Enhance Collections

Unless collections are 100% in the first month the bills are sent out, there is always room for improvement. To enhance collections one must have a clear and effective enforcement procedures that are balanced with programs that help those in true need. The first step to enhancing collection is creating more effective noticing procedures. Most people will pay their taxes when they get the bill. Another key is to identify struggling property owners early. If identified before the delinquency charges mound, they can usually get current through payment plans.

Increase Cash Flow

While enhancing collections will increase cash flow, it sometimes isn’t enough. There are many options for interim and permanent financing of delinquent accounts that taxing authorities can employ [link to ‘Financing’ section]. These financial instruments allow taxing authorities to offer their constituents more options and flexibility. In fact, some options allow the property owner himself to borrow funds to make his tax payment. This recurring source of capital reduces stress for all involved and allows the taxing authority to focus upon providing the best services to its property owners.

Preserve Property Rights

U.S. Supreme Court case law has increased the responsibilities of noticing for due process, but many statutes and practices for the enforcement of property taxes have not changed to address these. Without compliance to these laws the effectiveness of the enforcement is severely diminished. Moreover, MTS uses techniques that go beyond the requirements of law to ensure that property owners are aware of their delinquency, the pending process, and their options for help. Ultimately, we want every property owner in need of financial assistance to be informed of all sources of assistance available.

Cure Blight

Blighted neighborhoods do not occur overnight. Typically, there is a combination of events and problems that overcome the neighborhood. The keys to curing blight are to identify the systemic problems of the area, incentivize revitalization, and provide efficient methods to transfer ownership of abandoned properties to those willing to invest and rebuild. With the right structure in place, private investment will attract to the area and people will follow.

  • Effective Noticing
  • Clear Enforcement Policy
  • Payment Plans
  • Taxpayer Payment Help
  • Recurring Finance Source
  • Flexibility & Choice
  • Advancing Due Process of Law
  • Forbearance Programs
  • Connecting to Community Service Organizations
  • Systemic Problem Recognition
  • Incentive Building
  • From Abandonment To Rebuilding
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